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Waiting List

We have now re-opened our waiting list for new members


Saturday 6th December - Tickets are now on sale!!!

Cartwheels Club Championships 2013


  • Beginners

Start time - 9am (Please arrive for a prompt start)

Approx. finish - 11.15am

  • Improvers and Intermediates

Start time 11.15am (please arrive for a prompt start - as soon as the beginners finish)

Approx. finish - 1.15pm


Gymnasts are expected to be wearing either a leotard or a club t-shirt with shorts. Hair should be neatly tied back and secured.


On the day of the competition the beginners will be split into three groups according to age: 6-7 Years, 8 Years, and 9 years +. Improvers will be split into two age groups: 7-9 years and 10 years +. Intermediates is an open group with no age groups.

 Children are placed in their competition age, which is their age by the end of the year, i.e. a child born - 2/10/2007 will have the competition age of 6 years old.




Dont forget this week it's parent week!

From 22/5/12 - 26/5/12



Cartwheels Club Championships

25th March

Things to remember-

  • Hair needs to be neatly tied back
  • Be ready to start at the times provided below
  • Bring lots of family/friends support!
  • Enjoy youself



Warm up starts @ 9am

Approx. 11.15am finish

Improver and Intermediates

Warm up starts @ 11.30

Approx. 2pm finish



New class starting after February half term

Teen-adult class £5 per session

Tuesday 8-9pm

Classes start back from Saturday 7th Jan

New gym kit bags are now available

January 2012 - £5!!

Merry christmas see you all in Deanes!

Squad in house competition will be at the end of 



January 2012.

Well done to all of our gymnasts, what

a fantastics year for competitions! 

Gold Medals - 2

Silver - 8

Bronze - 5

New date for the Club competition

- Sunday 30th Jan

All classes will be starting back from

Saturday 7th January

Well done to all the girls passing their grades

and well done our two silver medlists

Katie wood and Amber Tapsell!!


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