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Times and prices of classes

Beginner, Improvers, and Intermediate classes

All children have to be 5 years old to start any of our classes.

These are classes for children wanting to do gymnastics for fun and fitness.
Once a term the gymnasts are assessed on a certain criteria of moves, when they are able to perform these skills they move up to the next class (Intermediate is the highest group).
We also work these classes towards badges, which start from 6 and move up to 1.  All one hour classes are £5 a class.

Display Group

Once a gymnast has passed their assessment in the improver class they have the option to move into the intermediate class or the display group. The display group no longer trains to train but trains to perform. Gymnasts train for two hours a week and will be working towards putting performances together to showcase around the local area  such as the Castle Point Show. Gymnasts wanting to be in the diplay group have to show a committment and attend traiining sessions with excellent attendance


The squad groups are invitation only, but once in a squad group gymnasts are entered into different competitions around Essex.
If your child is in a squad group they have to show commitment to the sessions, as attendance is extremely important when competing.
Squad gymnasts train form 2 to 3 days a week.














Beginners 9.00 - 10am 


Improvers 9am -10am






Squad & Intermediates 10 - 12noon







Display Group 11-1pm



Beginners 4.30 - 5.30pm


 4.15 -6.15pm

Beginners 4.30 - 5.30pm



Beginners 5.00 - 6.00pm







 5.30 - 8pm

Improvers 5.30- 6.30pm


Improvers 5.30 - 6.30pm


6.30pm       Beginners 9 years plus
6.30 - 7.30m


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